Carrie the Photographer

Cover of a book mockup

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that is both a psychological and medical condition. It involves restrictive eating that causes extreme weight loss because the person has a distorted reality of how his or her body looks. This altered perception of one’s body compels the person to continue not to eat despite health complications from the eating disorder. Many things contribute to anorexia such as past trauma, low self-esteem, societal pressure to lose weight, and toxic stress. It is important that someone suffering from anorexia seek out treatment whether it is through outpatient counseling or in some severe cases, hospitalization. 

Carrie, the Photographer tells the story of a young Latina girl who suffers with anorexia. In this story, Carrie struggles with how she sees herself but with professional help and the support of her friends, she comes to see herself the way others see her. It is a story of friendship, learning to love oneself, and helping others discover their own inner beauty. This book includes affirmation cards aimed to boost self-confidence and discover the things that are great and unique about each one of us. 

Written by: Kira Parris

Published by: Books2inspire

You can purchase it here.

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